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    This review is 7 years late but still relevant!...  I bought my (ex) beloved sweet ride from here almost 7 yrs ago to the day.  My rover was one of the best cars I've ever had & I finally just had to let it go yesterday.  I had to give props to santa monica suvs (& in particular, Fred, if he's still there!) for such a great car.  If you're looking for a used lot w/ reliable cars, I would definitely recommend Santa monica suvs.  


    Great people to deal with, after purchase service is very good and problems,if any are solved in a timely manner. I highly recommend.
    The Staff was professional, curteous, and willing to help find just the right vehicle for our families needs and wants. I appreciate the extra time to get it right and would recommend the dealership to any new prospective buyer. We ended up taking home a Land Rover that should be a great camping and recreational use vehicle as well as a daily driven client friendly work machine.

    We love our Land Rover and will probably be looking for a second newer model for my wife as soon as the kids get out of their baby seats. Thanks again for the excellent service and helpful staff.
    The Staff was professional, curteous, and willing to help find just the right vehicle for our families needs and wants. I appreciate the extra time to get it right and would recommend the dealership to any new prospective buyer. We ended up taking home a Land Rover that should be a great camping and recreational use vehicle as well as a daily driven client friendly work machine.

    We love our Land Rover and will probably be looking for a second newer model for my wife as soon as the kids get out of their baby seats. Thanks again for the excellent service and helpful staff.

    So this is my first yelp review and about a month overdue. I purchased a RR sport from these guys and honestly have nothing to complain about. I shopped around for the car I wanted to purchase and found a good match at multiple dealerships and used car lots. After visiting four of them in the SoCal area I was heading home and luckily stumbled upon these guys. They showed me what they had on the lot that matched what I was looking for and when we found the vehicle I liked we negotiated a good price. As far as the auto-buying experience from them, I didn't have any issues.

    I'm new to the Land Rover family and didn't know much about the car other than reading up on specs. The guys taught me a lot about the capabilities and nuances of the vehicle that I hadn't learned elsewhere. Additionally, having gone to multiple car lots over the weekend, I got to see the vehicle I purchased in multiple different conditions. EVERYWHERE else I looked, the cars appeared to have been used (and sometimes abused) by the ownership (ie. The cars would be taken home by the owner and/or their family to use personally then brought back to the lot). I didn't see that AT ALL with Santa Monica SUVs. The cars looked like they were in great condition and well cared for.

    Being a used lot, you sign multiple forms stating that you're buying the car AS-IS. So it's important to do a full walkthrough and inspection before making such a big purchase. I looked at IDENTICAL vehicles (for near identical prices) at the four other shops and found all of the following on different cars: severe rim damage, body alignment issues, damaged leather (looked like claw marks from pets), blown speakers, trash below seats and inside folds, broken lights, and missing reflectors). When I drove off the lot, I couldn't find anything wrong with my purchase. ALL that aside, I had to return to them to take care of some vehicle registration paperwork. I was well remembered (like a valued customer) and well received when I arrived. Not only that, there were two minor issues with the SUV that had arisen in the month or so since I had driven off. I showed them the issues and asked if they had the parts (or could order the parts for me) and fix. They took care of them on the spot without hesitation and without asking me for a dime. They were under ZERO obligation to do that for me, but since they had the parts on hand, they did it anyway.

    It is for all of these reasons, and then some, that I've decided to write a yelp review for them. Maybe I lucked out, but I really don't think so. I would gladly return to them in the future and refer other customers as well and look forward to doing business with them again.

    Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions about my experiences there.

    The only place to buy a car is here! Camran is an absolute gem! He is professional, considerate and very knowledgeable! He knows everything about cars! You can ask him about what model and make is reliable and a good investment, and he tells you the truth. He takes the hassle out of buying a car! In fact, he is so ethical.... He talked me into a more reasonable car that he helps to maintain and he is able to master the art of having all a car's needs manifested in one place. His team is extraordinary because Camran cares about what he does and who he sells his cars to... In fact, he will guide you and will help all the people that come to him find the right car for their needs without any non sense! This is the only place to buy a car on Los Angeles! Please go and see for yourself because I have purchased a car and sent over my friends, family and coworkers and all who buy from him are elated! He is the quintessential human being to facilitate any car transaction because the man lives and breathes these vehicles! He only drives what he sells and that is a great sign since very few people in this industry care and love what they do and the cars they sell! This speaks volumes to his character and places this man in a class of his own! I can, without reservation, recommend Camran and Santa Monica SUV's!!! Be sure to go there and meet this fine gentlemen!
    dr:tiffany s
    car buying process was the easiest
    deven p
    The guys here are world class. Excellent customer service. I was in and out in 20 minutes with the Land Rover I always dream of.

    Wayne woodruff
    The salesmen over here are excellent. They pretty much treat you like family -- that's how much they value their customers -- which makes sense since positive word of mouth is arguably the best form of marketing for a business. Anyway, I was in the market for a Range Rover Sport and they were able to help me find one at a fair price that is in great condition. I never felt pushed by the sales man who helped me (I believe his name is Andy) nor did I feel pressured to purchase until I was confident in the purchase and had all my bases covered. They were easily able to get me financed and the overall process was surprisingly quick. I've had prior experience with used car dealerships and used car salesmen, and the salesmen over at Santa Monica SUVs are first-class because they value customer satisfaction, exemplify true knowledge regarding the cars they sell, and possess trustworthiness that is simply hard to find these days. They also have a pretty extensive selection of luxury cars, which makes it a bit difficult to decide which model you really want -- but hey, if anything that's a good thing. Overall, I had a great experience at Santa Monica SUVs and I highly recommend them for anybody who is in the market for a luxury SUV.
    These guys Rock!I went to another dealership at first and was very disappointed because the truck I wanted was not there and they still had it listed that it was available online. On top of that, they kept trying to sell me another truck that I didn’t even want. I drove over an hour to get to this place and my experience was horrible. So before I braced myself to deal with the traffic heading back home, I called Santa Monica SUVs. The customer service was awesome! The salesman was very understanding and even called me to follow up. After I bought the truck from them, I told them that their customer service was one of the main reasons I wanted to buy from them. They never tried to sell me something I did not want and they were honest and fair. The vehicles on the lot were ...
    Let me preface this review by stating facts. I have bought 3 great cars from Cameron, my first purchase was in 1995 and have always come back to him because my experience has always been very good. First I bought a Cherokee in 95, then a BMW in 2001 and this week I bought my first Land Rover! He gave me an amazing deal and the car is so beautiful, it appears to be new. Carfax came with the car as one owner all maintenance done at dealer. The car is perfect mechanically, inside and out. I'm so happy. He got me financed and because I have two paid car loans from finance companies that funded the other autos that I purchase with him, he was able to get me financed on the spot.

    He specializes in expensive, pre-owned and well maintained vehicles, his clients are discerning and affluent which brings me to my next point - from the reviews I have read on this page, it is OBVIOUS that it is his competitors leaving these reviews. These negative reviews are just not possible. I've never have had any problems with any of the cars I have purchased from him EVER... and he is very generous and offered a free oil change and tire rotation in 3,000 miles for my new LR3 Land Rover. He backs all his cars. I want to upload a picture of my car and me so you can see the beauty I bought from Rover SUV. If you have any doubts, send me an email, glad to vouch for an honest business owner.
    Great service, and by that I mean, the only place I went to shop for cars that didn't make me feel like I was playing some sort of elaborate game that I didn't sign up for. There was no, "dealing", but a guy honestly trying to help me find the right car for me at a fair price. My old car literally broke down a block from the dealership in a torrential downpour, and Andy (our kick butt sales guy), actually came out and helped push it onto the lot.

    The experience could not have been better. Thank you Andy, and thank you Santa Monica suvs
    This was my first experience with any car dealerships. I had no idea what I was doing, but luckily the salesman who assisted me, Esteban garcia, was helpful in every way possible. With a few roadblocks, I was still able to leave with a land rover of my own because Esteban did all he could to help me. Initially I was scared because I always hear horrible stories about salesmen and their scam tactics, but in no way did I ever experience this. I'm so thankful for what he's done for me and will definitely be returning when I'm ready for a another land rover

    I'd definitely recommend the salesman, and dealership (santa monica suvs) if you're looking for someone who looks out for you interest as well. So happy with my new car!!
    usually don't write reviews, although I do lurk and read all the reviews (bad, I know), but I bought a range rover sport from santa monica suvs and it was the least painful experience I've had yet (which is saying something). I was helped by andy and my finance guy was camran, who was nice and didn't try to push the service packages or accessories on me which I really appreciated.

    I did a lot of extensive researching on prices between several dealerships and was pleased that they offered a competitive price right off the bat. I didn't have to haggle or go back and forth. I wrote this review, because I felt like it was important to articulate the experience at santa monica suvs. Extra thanks to andy for dealing with my parents, haha.
    These guys are the real deal. Since getting a great deal on a range rover sport 7 months ago, I have not had any problems whatsoever. Hornburg dealerships are all scummy and ask way too much. Cameron has assisted me in purchasing an extended warranty for both my rover and my Audi. THE place to go for a used Rover in LA.

    I bought a car from Santa Monica Suvs 6 months ago after this place was recommended to me by a friend. Camren helped me through the process and now I love my 2009 range rover. The car still works really great. I also bought another car (2004 land rover discovery) for my daughter and she loves the car! Camren remembered me and took off $1000 off the sticker price. Thank you Santa Monica suvs
    My experience at Santa Monica Suvs was fantastic. I just bought a 2006 Range Rover from them. They have a great, no haggle pricing model. I got a very good price for this low mileage, one-owner vehicle. And best of all, they have a no pressure sales approach. I got a great deal, the car checked out great on CarFax and they made the whole experience of buying a car, a pleasant one.

    After all, you don't buy a new car very often, you want to be excited about it, right?

    I give them two thumbs up and I'd recommend them to anyone.

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